Cathy O’Brien – Kilo Cash Back Winner @ Lane Cove


What was your motivation for joining the challenge?
I couldn’t put my shoes on without struggling to bend over. My clothes were tight and I felt really uncomfortable.

What changes did you make during the challenge?
I ate smaller portions but more frequently. Ate food that was low in fat, low in carbs and low in sugar. Exercised more. Drank less alcohol. Drank more water. I was also training for a 50 km walk to raise money for the Fred Hollows foundation. I completed the walk with my team and we raised a few thousand!!!

How did you find the experience? Was it harder or easier than you thought?
Difficult at first and then became the norm. Also I am competitive and when I thought someone was going to beat me I tried harder. My stomach got used to the smaller portions which made it easier.

What factors contributed to your weight gain and how did you combat them?
I love food, entertaining and socializing. I still love food but appreciate different things after changing my diet. Lean meat,, fresh fruit and vegetables when cooked the right way taste amazing.

What has been the best thing about losing the weight?
I feel great and I feel so good that so many people have noticed my weight loss. Daily I get compliments about how good I look. It motivates me to stay on track and not put on more weight. I have bought new clothes and I feel great.

Congratulations Cathy, you look amazing!

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