Glenn M. lost over 35kg – Overall Winner 2013


What motivated you to start your weight loss journey?
I was very motivated to join the challenge after seeing the great results of the past winners. I felt I could really achieve similar results with some serious dedication and effort. I decided early on with the help of Jan at the Lane Cove centre, that I needed to make changes to my whole lifestyle. As my weight has constantly sea-sawed. So the first big changes were to my diet, I cut out all the junk food and started eating more fresh fruit and veg. Next was alcohol and soft drinks, I cut them out pretty much completely. Then came exercise I did a minimum of 30 minutes of cardio 6 times a week, and weights sessions 3 times a week. This worked well to help keep me out of the pub after work.

What challenges did you face?
It was challenging at times to change some of my old habbits. As I work away in the mines, and work long 12 hour days. But I forced myself to avoid the social pressure from my workmates and went to the gym instead of the pub. And pretty soon they all got behind me and gave me lots of support, some of them even started exercising with me. Then the final month was a lot easier as I got use to the new lifestyle of healthy eating and exercise.

What factors contributed to your weight gain and how did you combat them?
The main factor that lead to my weight gain was a promotion at work, which saw me go from a very physical and labour intensive position to a more mentally trying one. Then I would go to the pub and drink and eat bad take away food. To combat this I had to get more active in and out of work, and make better eating decisions.

What has been the best thing about losing the weight?
There have been so many great things that have come out of my weight loss, but the best thing is the quality of life. I’m still only young, but to see me move and get around before the challenge you would have thought I was in my 40s or 50s.

What will you do with the money you have won?
The money is going towards a trip to Europe with my Wife Roxanne, who I must say also did very well in the challenge.

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